Try One Of Our Classes


These classes consisted of constantly varied high intensity functional movements. Regardless of your ability or experience all workouts are scaled so they are accessible to all. 


Chasing RX, these classes are designed to help develop your gymnastic skills whilst also giving you a workout.


Classes purely focused on refining and developing your olympic lifting. Whether it’s improving technique or hitting new PBs these classes are for you.

Strength Endurance

Aimed specifically for those training to assist sports performance. These class focus on compound movements to develop overall strength and endurance.


These are high intensity workouts that incorporate accessible movements to increase your heart rate and burn calories.


Mobility is key for all our classes and the movements used within. Yoga is a great compliment to our programme as it helps to increase your range of motion and release tension.

CrossFit Kids

Fitness should be fun regardless of how old you are. These classes educate and engage young people increasing their activity levels whilst making training fun.

Open Gym

Available to our members, periods during the day where you can develop skills, increase your fitness or work on weaknesses.