Our training style is different to anywhere else in the area. We have taken a variety of elements from all different training styles and modalities m and have developed our own style. We are functional fitness like you’ve never seen before – come and see for yourself!



Alex Carlton-Porter

Alex is a great all-rounder when it comes to sport and fitness. Rugby has always been his greatest passion – both playing and coaching – but having spent seasons as a ski instructor, working as a lifeguard and playing a number of sports he has a really wide range of experience. Having had a career in teaching both in the UK and Internationally, he has the perfect background to understand the needs of a variety of clients and their fitness expectations with the ability to deliver training and coaching with clear and concise understanding. Alex has a degree in Sports Management and takes the lead in running SW18 CrossFit. He is a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and CrossFit Level 1 Coach.


Rory Lynn

Rory is an ex-professional rugby player, with 7 years at Leicester Tigers and Nottingham rugby clubs. Throughout this time, he has worked with top class strength and conditioning coaches, learning a range of techniques and coaching styles to develop athletic potential. He has a degree in Strength & Conditioning Science and has coaching experience with both professional team sports as well as individual athletes in football, athletics, badminton and rugby. In addition to his coaching experience, he has also built a successful personal training business which has been running for 5 years, with the sole aim of delivering professional coaching to meet the needs of all his clients.

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Jordan Simpson-Hefft

Jordan has joined the coaching team and is another great addition to the SW18 team. Having played rugby 7s for New Zealand and most recently Richmond  RFC. He is well qualified having trained and worked at the highest level for a number of years


Josh Cooper

Josh has been Coaching and Personal Training people since 2011 and has experience both training groups and individuals in a variety of different disciplines. He loves a challenge and gets very competitive in most things he does which is why he loves a class with a competitive twist. Professionally Josh has gained many qualifications starting with a degree in Sports Science. He is always learning and since graduating has not stopped gaining knowledge from Posture Assessment, Corrective Exercise, Kettlebells and Sports Massage. Hi next venture is to attain a Masters in Sports Therapy. You’ll always find him with a smile on his face while pushing you in a class or training session.

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David Meer

Dave is an extremely accomplished coach having worked in a number of CrossFit boxes and other fitness studios. He has years of experience and coaches across the disciplines including Ironman training.