Why We Are Different?

Our Values

People First

People, make a place special. People are the reason you want to come back. SW18 is more than just somewhere to work out. This is a shared space where people are made to feel comfortable and become part of a community.

Fun Through Fitness

Fitness should be fun no matter what! Your ability, experience or age should play no part in the amount of fun you have when exercising. Our mission is to make achieving your goals fun and exciting whatever they may be.

Take Control

We want to give you the tools so that you can take control. So that you move better, eat better and feel better.

Meet The Team

Our Coaches

Alex Carlton-Porter

Alex is a great all-rounder when it comes to sport and fitness. Rugby has always been his greatest passion – both playing and coaching – but having spent seasons as a ski instructor, working as a lifeguard and playing a number of sports he has a really wide range of experience. Having had a career in teaching both in the UK and Internationally, he has the perfect background to understand the needs of a variety of clients and their fitness expectations with the ability to deliver training and coaching with clear and concise understanding. Alex has a degree in Sports Management and takes the lead in running SW18 CrossFit. He is a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and CrossFit Level 1 Coach.

Rory Lynn

Rory is an ex-professional rugby player, with 7 years at Leicester Tigers and Nottingham rugby clubs. Throughout this time, he has worked with top class strength and conditioning coaches, learning a range of techniques and coaching styles to develop athletic potential. He has a degree in Strength & Conditioning Science and has coaching experience with both professional team sports as well as individual athletes in football, athletics, badminton and rugby. In addition to his coaching experience, he has also built a successful personal training business which has been running for 5 years, with the sole aim of delivering professional coaching to meet the needs of all his clients.

Josh Cooper

Josh has been Coaching and Personal Training people since 2011 and has experience both training groups and individuals in a variety of different disciplines. He loves a challenge and gets very competitive in most things he does which is why he loves a class with a competitive twist. Professionally Josh has gained many qualifications starting with a degree in Sports Science. He is always learning and since graduating has not stopped gaining knowledge from Posture Assessment, Corrective Exercise, Kettlebells and Sports Massage. Hi next venture is to attain a Masters in Sports Therapy. You’ll always find him with a smile on his face while pushing you in a class or training session.

Jess Lambert

Jess is a Osteopath and Yoga Teacher. Encouraging her into this career; health, fitness and wellbeing have always been of huge interest to Jess. Not only does she enjoy cross training but emphasises the importance of this for athletes who want to avoid injury and ensure optimal training. Jess has worked globally for many leading health and wellbeing resorts, whilst she continues to work along these companies she also hosts a range of her own retreats- from long weekends in the UK, to ski retreats in the mountains and summer retreats in Europe. 

Simon Edwards

Simon is a Physiotherapist with strong passion for sports performance, injury reduction and helping people to become the best physical version of themselves. Simon works with Richmond FC men’s and women’s rugby teams. Simon has previously worked with Esher RFC, Nigerian XVs and 7’s, Samurai International 7’s, as well as on an individual basis with semi-professional hockey player, triathletes and professional rowers. Simon’ philosophy is based on function first with a variety of training to ensure that the body can react and adapt to any challenges that are thrown at it.